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Pearls – A badge of authority and glamor

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Traditionally women have worn pearls as a badge of respectability (think debutantes coming out) and authority (think Margaret Tatcher). The pearls have since evolved to become a statement of classic style – the sight of them on the elegant Michelle Obama brings to mind the fashion sense of Jacqueline Kennedy … of course there’s also Audrey Hepburn – and today they are perhaps the glamor girl’s new best friend.

While pearl shells had been used as decorative objects as far back as the 4th millennium BC in Egypt, and Asia has had pearls from the Indian Ocean and South China Sea from as far back as 206BC, it was only in the 15th century that pearls and pearl oyster banks in Central and South America were discovered by Christopher Colombus. The discovery marked the start of the “Pearl Age” as it was known among the European royals and aristrocrats.

Given the rarity of natural pearls, and since cultured pearls did not exist until the 20th century, pearls were considered highly valuable jewels. And because they symbolised purity and power many royals in the past adorned themselves with strings and strings of pearls.

Here are 3 of the world’s most famous natural pearls.

Elizabeth Taylor’s “La Peregrina”

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With 500 years of history behind it, the La Peregrina is one of the largest perfectly symmetrical pear-shaped pearls in the world. Originally found by an African slave in the Gulf of Panama in mid 16th century, it was later given to Don Pedro de Temez the administrator of the Spanish colony in Panama before coming to the possession of Philip II of Spain, who then gifted it to his bride-to-be Mary I of England.

After Mary I passed away, the pearl became part of the Crown of Spain for the next 250 years, after which it made its way to Richard Burton via a Sotheby’s auction in 1969. Burton then gifted it to his fellow Hollywood actor and wife Elizabeth Taylor on Valentine’s Day. Originally worn as a brooch by Mary I, Taylor commissioned Cartier to re-design the pendant, setting it with diamonds, rubies and pearls.

The Indian Maharajas’ “Baroda Pearl Necklace”

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Indian royal families were famous for their massive pearl collections. Considered one of the most extravagant pearl necklaces ever created, the Baroda pearl necklace was worn by the Indian Maharajas from the state of Baroda for centuries after it first came into the posession of the Maharaja of Baroda, Khande Rao Gaekwar in the 19th century.

The original 7-strand Baroda pearl necklace consisting of 350 pearls was later reconstituted by Cartier into a two-strand pearl necklace with just 68 of the finest and largest pearls from the fourth through seventh strands of the original – all perfectly spherical and matched for size, color, lustre and shape in a graduated fashion. It was sold at a Christie’s auction in 2007 for USD7.1 million.

Marie Antoinette / Barbara Hutton pearl necklace

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A relatively unassuming piece compared to the previous two, this single-strand pearl necklace holds its own when it comes to historic significance. Consisting of 41 graduated natural pearls measuring between 8.50 to 16.35mm with a diamond cluster clasp, this strand of pearls possibly once belonged to the French Queen Marie-Antoinette.

The pearls are described as white, nacreous, perfectly spherical in shape, possessing a brilliant luster and arranged symmetrically in a graduated fashion. No one knows for sure how the necklace made its way from being part of the crown jewels of France into the hands of heiress Barbara Hutton, granddaughter of Woolworth department store magnate, who reportedly wore it on her first wedding to Russian Prince Alexis Mdivani in 1933.

Besides Asia, natural pearl sources include the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and Gulf of Mannar between India and Sri Lanka. Venezuela, Colombia and Panama were also pearl suppliers. However ever since Mikimoto successfully came up with a way to farm pearl oysters, most pearl jewelry pieces today are made of cultured pearls – and they can be quite a work of art too. To admire more pearl pieces look forward to the next Baselworld show in March 2016.

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A stroll in the park a city lover will love

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The irresistible draw of summer to nature’s beauty can be even more appealing to some when the vibe of the city is a close distance away. Conceptual gardens may be thought-provoking, but venturing into open green spaces or among lush trees offers that get-away feel the season inspires – without getting too far away, that is. Enjoy these scenic landscapes in Singapore, Tokyo and Perth (we know – it’s winter in Perth but its beauty will still bring you out):
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Conceptual Gardens: The art of making a statement

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Summer is on the horizon and some of us understandably look forward to spending more time outdoors, thinking of places to visit for the holidays. If you enjoy parks and gardens but are thinking to do something different this year, consider conceptual gardens.
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Tea Appreciation: Before the Infusion

The pleasure of enjoying a cup of tea goes back for millenia, with various parts of the world having its own distinct tea culture. China, Japan, India and Britain are a few tea-loving nations that quickly come to mind (with the latest news being that the average Briton drinks 876 cups of tea a year!)

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Crazy for Tulips

Cheerfully bright and colorful tulips originally hailed from Constatinople, or present-day Istanbul, and in 1593 were introduced to Holland by Belgian botanist Carolus Clusius. The tulips had been ‘talent-spotted’ by his neighbour, who stole and sold a few bulbs off his garden. This was the beginning of the Dutch bulb trade, which lead to the famous Tulipomania. Despite the severe economic depression following the burst of the overinflated tulip bubble, the flower’s beauty and uplifting vibrancy remained undeniable.

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The attraction to tulips today is certainly relatively milder, but stimulated by the pure beauty of the flower rather than its profit potential. Tulip lovers can appreciate some 15 categories, among which three are showcased below:

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Bonsai: when mankind shapes nature

The art of bonsai has roots going back to some two thousand years back from the Chinese art of penjing or miniature landscapes. It is believed to reach Japan in the Heian period (AD794 – 1185) during a time of rich cultural exchange and over the centuries had become a symbol of cultural refinement. In fact in a Japanese work of fiction, the author mentioned that the shape and style of a tree had the ability to move someone only when it is “kept close to human beings who fashion it with loving care”. Thus the art of growing trees in containers or hachi-no-ki, which literally means the bowl’s tree, developed.

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